The Pizza Show

Dudes! We have finally put together Season 2 on DVD. It comes out November 17th at Cactus or get it from us directly. Also, check out our new facebook page!

Episode 032 marks the end of season two. Continue to check back here and on for additional sketches. We love you!

Thanks to everyone who came down to the Filler Saturday for the Circus of Chaos. Pizza, Freaks, and Metal reigned on high. A special thanks to the bands and extra hands who put in time and energy to make the show a success and something you will see again, Friday, as we recap in episode 25!

Happy Holidays pizza lovers. The Pizza Show is working hard to put together a very special treat for the festive season. We have two shows left before X-mas and we plan on making them great. So if you're with friends, decking the halls, throw on some Pizza Show and make your mouths merry!

Nando is another year older. Happy birthday Nando! Spend it here or on watching the show you work on. A New episode comes out this Friday, November 17th. This week, more hip hop and a show for you courtesy of Tym.


Our thoughts are with the Evans Family. Andrew was an extremely talented young filmmaker and will always inspire us. Our support goes to Kyle and all our friends on his crew. We are watching the progress on Zach and Nick and look forward to seeing them on set someday soon. All the best.

A BIG thanks to everyone who came down to the Pour House for the Season Premier on Friday! Season two kicks off with an episode of Taco Stands, Clowns, Seagulls, and Hip Hop. You can catch it here or on later this week. A New episode comes out this Friday, September 29th. We bring you the honky sounds of The Meatskin Jubilee Jug Band and a short art film from our new INTERN. Thanks for the continued support. Now get back to watching!

With total vigor and supreme enthusiasm, The Pizza Show returns to the production battle field this week. And to make this season even better, we've added depth to our already burly crew. And to add to the funny taste in your mouth, we've added a slew of new writers. And to add to the bulk of our pants, we've started taking vitamins. See how they all fit together on the season premier, Friday, September 22, 7:30pm on Channel 22, the Big Sky Network.

Thanks to all our fans for watching and getting in on the ground floor of the Pizza Show. Season 1 finale tonight and encores of the entire first season all summer. We'll be back in 12 weeks with some tootie fruity goodness. Have a great summer!

With so much love in the Big Sky M-T we are happy to bring you some fresh comedy! On our road to global domination, Dustin has posted every episode to date (way to go Dustin) You can watch them here or check us out on Remember, if you want to see the show in its entirety, you have to watch Fridays at 7:30 on channel 22, or, if you don't get cable or are from out of town or are looking for that perfect gift for dads or grads or simply want to watch the shows at your convenience with commentary and extra toppings, BUY THE DVDs. Vol I and II are available at Cactus or email us. We also have a new myspace film account with some sexy photos courtesy Pete Hand!

Hey. We are back! You want new episodes on the web site. They are coming. Soon you can see most of episodes 001-009. What you can't see here, you can see on DVDs volume I and II, also available here soon. You can finally tell your friends to check for "pizzashow" on so they can laugh as hard as you at "Ball Tapper." Rawk!

Happy Easter! Hope you enjoyed Episode 005. If you missed it, catch the sketches here soon. If you want more pizza than you can handle, pick up VOL. I of The Pizza Show DVD featuring Episodes 001-004 with Cast and Sound Guy Commentary along with some very special extra toppings. Pick up your hot and fresh copy at Cactus Tuesday and see us there on Friday for an in store performance! Cheese!

Thanks to everyone who caught the show last night. You may have noticed our Parental Guidance warning. It's funny yes, but we did not add it ourselves. As much as the guys in Helena love our show, they have to cover their backs. We do come on right after the Trading Post Show. Anywayzzz... Look for the first four episodes with special features on DVD in the coming weeks. And stay tuned for Episode 5!

Clips from Episode 3 are now available on our media page. Also re-download Episode 002's Political Roundup to catch an enhanced sound track, courtesy of the talented and handsome Dustin.

We are happy, to present you, our fine audience with another episode of chaos. The Pizza Show turns 3 Friday night. Tune in.

If you picked up a copy of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle today, you might have noticed The Pizza Show's first feature article, which you can view online here. Also, see The Pizza Show's own Brian Craine co-star in Davis Scott Smith's new Harrington's Attic commercial here. Be sure to catch the show tonight at 7:30 on Cable Channel 22. We'll have episode 002 clips available online soon. We just need time for our heads to deflate from the ego swelling all this press has brought us.

Technical Difficulties? Another Comedians of Terror attack? Your guess is as good as ours as to why The Pizza Show did not air tonight. Sadly we have no information, but maybe our friends at Bresnan do. We won't know till Monday, but that shouldn't stop you from investigating on your own. Take any force necessary In the name of pizza! On a side note, we won't post the segments on the web until they air on television, so get your friends to watch next Friday, when The Pizza Show returns. (We Hope.)

So it would seem as though Bresnan doesn't reach your home, and so you are totally bummed to have missed the Premier of "The Pizza Show." But don't go starving yourself. Some of the best work of episode 001 is now available on the show's web site Go there, channel surf the lower right button on the TV and start laughing at the biggest dorks in town. Afterwards, give us some feed back on our myspace page. Thanks for noticing. And the podcasts are still on the way.